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Cursos ofertados durante o evento


Minicurso 1:
Structural Controls on Hydrothermal Mineralization

Thomas Blenkinsop
Professor in Earth Science
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
Cardiff University, Wales


1.  Rock deformation: a summary
    Displacements: the basis of structural geology
    Displacements and strain
    Fluid flow in Deforming rocks
    Deformational Controls on ore bodies

2. Faults and Fractures
    The deformation zone spectrum
    Fault zone models and permeability
    Fault and Fracture Networks, connectivity
    Conjugate and Polymodal faults
    Kinematic vs dynamic analysis of faults
    Slip and Dilation tendencies
    Case Studies

3. New Approaches to Shear Zones
    Not all shear zones are simple: Pure, General and Simple shear
    A practical guide to modern shear zone analysis
    Case Studies

Practical Topics
1. Fault and fracture network analysis
2. Kinematic Analysis
3. Dynamic Analysis
4. Use of mobile phone devices – practical hints
5. A unified approach to working with orientated core
6. Drones and 3D models

Local do evento

Centro de Convenções da UNICAMP
Avenida Érico Veríssimo, 500
Cidade Universitária
Barão Geraldo - Unicamp
Campinas – SP